Shelley Anderson

Small Crab
Blue Mackerel
Lobster Claw

Born and brought up in the creative environment of West Cornwall, jeweller and craftsman Shelley Anderson first started toying with metal in his dad’s garage. This lead him on to train in Silversmithing and Metal Fabrication at Falmouth College of Art.

Shelley has since gained recognition and funding to further his work in restoration from the York Conservation Society.


Shelley uses new and innovative techniques to compliment his traditional metal working skills. Inspired by roaming the coastline and landscape of West Cornwall, he lives and works in the industrial fishing port of Newlyn.

By working in different metals, and recycled materials he allows the end result to be free, spare and organic, sometimes dramatic and sometimes understated, but always allowing his hand crafted materials to speak for themselves.


Shelley and The Copper Works


Shelley began his training at The Copper Works in 2010 under the tutelage of Michael Johnson. His apprenticeship was informal to begin with as there were few agencies that recognized copper working as a legitimate craft. He has subsequently received a QEST scholarship that acknowledges the importance of copper working as part of the heritage of Newlyn, but more importantly, his commitment to keeping the craft alive.

Born and raised in Newlyn, Shelley is well aware of how passionate local people are about their copper heritage. Learning the craft of the coppersmith, he brings a contemporary eye for design and function to the items he works on. Re-interpreting old skills and materials, Shelley has developed a unique style, to both his gallery and commission work.

Shelley has shown great ability on a range of projects. Working alongside Michael on larger commissions or projects run on his own, he is relentless in his desire to get it right. Whether teaching the local youngsters in Friday afternoon classes or discussing designs with clients, Shelley is proving a worthy addition to The Copper Works.

He continues to carve out a future for himself at The Copper Works, leaving a legacy that has been passed down to him from the copper working fishermen of 19th century Newlyn.