Lisa Mae Evans

Lisa Mae Evans - Portrait
Lisa Mae Evans - Charcoal
Lisa Mae Evans - Relax
Lisa Mae Evans - Old man
Lisa Mae Evans - Sister
Lisa Mae Evans - Self portrait
Lisa Mae Evans - Nude
Lisa Mae Evans
Lisa Mae Evans

Lisa Mae Evans is a young artist from Newlyn who mainly works on portraits, still life and the human form mainly in acrylic, gouche and oil.

She was born in Holland and has also lived in the Middle East and South Africa. Lisa Mae was awarded A* in her GCSE Art July 2014 with a 100% grade (the highest percentage achievable). Lisa Mae is currently studying a two year Diploma Level 3 BTEC in Art & Design at Truro and Penwith College in Penzance Sept 2014, along with an A Level in Philosophy & Ethics and is planning to go to University to study arts.

Her big passion is painting portraits in oil/acrylic, drawing and illustration. Lisa Mae has worked her way through eight portrait commissions in the first half of 2015, has exhibited at the Exchange Art Gallery Penzance and also works as a Young Collaborator at Exchange Art Gallery.